gerry and dad

About our Restaurant

For the Perez family, serving people and cooking for them has always been a family affair.  Gerry's father started out as a dishwasher in an Italian restaurant in California and worked up to Chef.  His three boys, Gerardo (or to everyone that knows him here ~ Gerry), Julio and Jerry grew up in their father's restaurant, washing dishes, watching their father cook and soaking up everything there was to learn about the restaurant business.  All three boys eventually grew up and over the years worked in other California restaurants, Gerry in Italian cuisine and Julio and Jerry in Italian and French.  In 2006, Gerry moved to Albany and went to work in a local, family owned Italian restaurant.  Gerry has always wanted to own his own restaurant and in 2020, that idea started to move forward and take shape.  In the summer of 2022, Gerry's brothers, Julio and Jerry, moved to Albany to help Gerry's dream come true.  Bianca's, named after Gerry's daughter Bianca, opened in August of 2022 and the three work tirelessly side by side to bring Albany a restaurant where everyone loves to eat!  Gerry's wife helps in his kitchen, their son is a server, and their daughter is a hostess at Bianca's, reinforcing the idea that family truly is what's most important.  Gerry, Julio and Jerry have opened their arms to their other employees and all of their customers, making everyone who enters the doors of Bianca's feel like they are part of their family!  

We can't wait for you to come see for yourself!